Get Involved - Volunteer!

Do you know our PMI CIC- Project Management Institute Central IL Chapter organization run entirely by volunteers?  Yes, we have an incredible group of professionals most of them are working full time in addition to their volunteer roles.  They are serving our community by being part of this local chapter selflessly and providing exceptional services like chapter meet-ups, outreach scholarships, publicity sponsors/partnerships, PMI Prep classes, annual conferences, mentoring and special guest talks.

Volunteering lets you meet people from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and you get to learn a lot from these bright professionals about influence, relationship building, team work, problem solving, soft skills – the list goes on and on!  Your actions, big or small will definitely have an impact on someone’s life and make you stand out.  It is a best way to gain real time practical experience without a new role, get to work with fellow professionals and help each other to achieve chapter goals.

Studies also show when we stop thinking about our own problems/ struggles and by volunteering focus on helping others it reduces our stress levels, strengthens immune system and overall it increases our sense of self satisfaction.  Even more so, you can take back whatever practical experience you have gained through volunteering and excels in professional and personal life too.  Volunteering is fun and more rewarding…it’s a win-win situation!  Let’s commit and contribute to PMI CIC, we want you.

Looking for a way to get involved, give back to project management profession and learn about it? Why wait?  Let’s explore the magic together and commit to the fun filled volunteering work here at our local chapter.

Lakshmi Pallem

Director of Volunteerism – PMI Central IL Chapter

Who is PMI CIC?