Offices & Committee Initiatives


PMP/CAPM Prep Workshops

Description: Support PMP/CAPM Prep Workshops by facilitating instructors, meeting locations, course content, as well as monitoring attendance and communications with both students and instructors.

              Bloomington Director: Kathy D'Alfonso

              Peoria Director: Julie Kaiser

              Springfield Director: Johnny Cox

              Aurora Director: Jeanne Prichodko


Financial Controls

Description: Audits the chapter finances on a quarterly basis, reviewing expenditures and the documentation associated with them.  Ensures accurate reporting of chapter income and expenses.      

            Director: Reena Gupta


Membership Database Management and Analysis Reporting

Description: Ensures that chapter has current membership data, with up-to-date refreshes from PMI Global enabling the in-depth reports to be generated to ensure we are meeting membership needs to provide additional value for growth and retention.

            Director: Padmaja Uppaluri

Membership Orientation

Description: Provide an introduction for new members to the PMI Central Illinois Chapter via written and presentation materials – including purpose of the chapter, our short and long term strategic goals, available resources, and volunteer opportunities for their ongoing professional development. This is also an opportunity to collect additional membership details to enable us to better meet our members’ needs and expectations.

             Director:  TBD

Mentoring Program

Description:  Promotion of the mentoring program which encourages mentoring relationships within our chapter to foster and promote development within our community of practice.  Responsibilities include gathering applications and matching participants, organizing and coordinating special mentoring events and ongoing promotion of the benefits from engaging in a PM focused mentoring relationship.

            Director: Ajit Kolekar

Volunteer Management

Description: Maintains a current database of members interested in volunteering for the chapter and matching them with existing opportunities.

             Director: Lakshmi Pallem


Event Registration

Description: Facilitates operational activities of managing registration list, attendance, and collection of admission fees.

             Bloomington Director: Diana Lewis

             Peoria Director: Becky Mathis

             Springfield Director: Lori Dixon

Information Technology

Description: Ensures that the chapter is able to seamlessly leverage technology in its ability to function and collaborate in both a virtual and more efficient manner.

              Director: Kristi Smith

Policies and Procedures

Description:  Documents and updates policies and procedure manuals utilized by the PMI CIC Board to assist in compliance with our approved By-Laws.  Procedures will also be referenced by new Board members when onboarding. 

             Director: Lisa Mustread


Military Outreach

Description: Mentor/provide guidance to active duty military, National Guard/Reserve and veterans on how to leverage leadership and management skills as well as discover financial opportunities for a new career path in Project Management.

              Director: Zack Stelly

Non-Profit Mentorship

Description: Mentor/provide guidance to nonprofit organizations, and work with other chapters in collecting knowledge and patterns to benchmark.

              Director: TBD


Marketing & Events

Description: Responsible for publicizing the chapter events in local newspapers, paper web sites, local corporations, and via social media.

              Director: Nagasudha Voothaluru

Social Media

Description: Fosters collaboration and a sense of community for PMI-CIC members  to stay connected.  Additionally, social media will complement the communications made available via emails and the chapter website, pushing updates to members in a more timely manner that can accommodate all channel preferences.

             Director: Tammy Custer


Description: Responsible for acquiring chapter sponsorship.  Review sponsorship packages, contact and recognize existing and potential corporate sponsors.

             Director: Sridevi Kota